Introductory Practical Dentistry & Wet Lab for Veterinarians and Technicians

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Instructors: Annie Mills, LVT, VTS (Dentistry)

Sponsoring Organization: International Veterinary Dentistry Institute
Program Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Dates: 09/03/2022 to 09/04/2022
Wet-Lab: Yes

AVDC Sponsored: No
"AVDC Sponsored" indicates that the program content and presenters have been selected by the AVDC Education and Programs Committee.

AVDC Approved: No
"AVDC Approved" indicates that the program has been approved by AVDC for specialist training hours for AVDC-registered residents.

Discipline(s): Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Radiology

Introductory Practical Dentistry and
Wet Lab for Veterinarians and Technicians

Veterinary Dentistry Extraction Wet Lab

Saturday & Sunday - September 3rd-4th, 2022

International Veterinary Dentistry Institute
Oral Surgery Center Atlanta, Georgia

Total of 16 Hours RACE CE

This RACE accredited dentistry course trains the Veterinarian and Technician team to be among the best in veterinary dentistry.

Are You Frustrated with Retakes on Dental Radiographs?

Is the Doctor Always Hurrying You to Finish Your Dental Procedures?

Is Charting Taking Way Too Long?

Not Confident with Anesthesia?

Solve those problems and many, many more with Annie Mills, LVT, Dental Technician Specialist (VTS). This all encompassing course will provide the knowledge and technical skills to rank you in the top Veterinary/Technician teams anywhere in the field of veterinary dentistry and transform your current service into a highly efficient, organized dentistry machine.

Day 1

1. The Veterinarian-Technician Team Role in the Dentistry Service: Admit to Discharge

Day 2

5. Pain Management: Start to Finish


2. Dental Radiology: What Lies Beneath

6. Common Oral Pathologies


3. Advanced Periodontal Therapies and Hand Instrumentation

7. Dentistry: Making It Work in the General Practice


4. Regional Nerve Blocks

8. Home Care Strategies



Course Times = 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Saturday and Sunday


The picture of Dr. Brett Beckman DVM, FAVD, DAVDC, DAAPM

Annie is my Dental Technician of 11 years. A world renowned speaker, she has published multiple articles for technician journals and has co-authored a textbook in dentistry specifically for technicians and has taught and lectured extensively around the country with me.

Her experience includes emergency and critical care, anesthesia, orthopedic surgery technician, and dentistry. She received her VTS (Veterinary Technician Specialist) in Dentistry in 2008 and has served as President and Credentials Chair of the Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians.



Contact: Annie Mills, +941 276 9141,