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Instructors: Dr. Travis Henry; Dr. Jack Easley; Dr. Jennifer Rawlinson; Dr. Molly Rice

Sponsoring Organization: Colorado State University
Program Location: Fort Collins, CO
Dates: 10/28/2021 to 10/29/2021
Format: lecture/lab
Wet-Lab: No
Cost: $2,995.00

AVDC Sponsored: No
"AVDC Sponsored" indicates that the program content and presenters have been selected by the AVDC Education and Programs Committee.

AVDC Approved: No
"AVDC Approved" indicates that the program has been approved by AVDC for specialist training hours for AVDC-registered residents.

RACE Approved: 24.0 Hours
Course Pre-Requisites: We strongly recommend taking Equine Dental Diagnostics Upgrade as oroscope and radiograph acquisition/interpretation skills are required.
The Equine Dental Diagnostics Upgrade courses offered in March and October 2021 will satisfy the prerequisite.
Participants will be provided with 8 hours of online lectures. Participants must review the material prior to the course, and they will be required to take quizzes after each topic vignette. By reviewing material and taking the quizzes, the participants will earn 8 hours of CE credit prior to arrival at the conference site. Participants will be sent a link to that material in early August.
The online course will be available after October 15, 2020. To access the material, log into csuvetce.com and click on menu and “courses” to view your courses.

Course Description
Extraction Techniques for Equine Teeth focuses on treatment planning and techniques to extract premolar and molar teeth. The online learning portion of the course covers dental applied anatomy, maximizing oral exam and imagining findings to develop and hone a treatment plan, and equipment and techniques to extract teeth. Extraction techniques will include intraoral standard extraction manipulations in addition to fragment retrieval, coronectomy, and tooth sectioning. The goal of this course is to help veterinarians develop the skills and confidence to tackle more challenging dental pathology and extraction.

Course Purpose
Goals for this meeting will be to provide equine veterinarians instruction and education in the following topics:

Comprehensive treatment planning with preparation for extractions via review of oral exam andradiographs
“Simple” intraoral extraction technique and fragment removal
Coronectomy, tooth sectioning, and odontoplasty to aid extraction
The overall goal of this meeting is for private practitioners to leave feeling more comfortable and prepared to tackle extraction of equine premolar and molar teeth.

At Home Prerequisite Material

Anatomical Considerations for Performing Extractions
Dr. Travis Henry

Review of Extraction Armamentarium: Equipment and appropriate usage
Dr. Jack Easley

Knowing Extraction Options – Review of Extraction Techniques
Dr. Jennifer Rawlinson

Maximizing Imaging and Oral Examination Findings to Treatment Plan
Dr. Jennifer Rawlinson

“Simple” Intraoral Extraction
Dr. Travis Henry

Advanced Fragment Retrieval and Alternative Extraction Techniques: Intraoral Coronectomy, Alveolectomy, Sectioning, and Odontoplasty to Aid Extraction: Part 1
Dr. Molly Rice

Advanced Fragment Retrieval and Alternative Extraction Techniques: Intraoral Coronectomy, Alveolectomy, Sectioning, and Odontoplasty to Aid Extraction: Part 2
Dr. Molly Rice

Tackling Extraction Complications
Dr. Jack Easley

Day 1

7:30 am

7:50 am
Welcome and Introductions

8:00 am
Case Presentations: Focus Treatment Planning, Sedation, and “Simple” Extraction Technique

9:50-10:15 am
BREAK with snacks

10:15-12:15 pm
Laboratory 1: Regional Nerve Blocks, Oroscope Usage, and Introduction to Odontoplasty to Assist Extraction

12:15-1:00 pm

1:00-5:15 pm
Laboratory 2: “Simple” Intraoral Extraction and Fragment Retrieval

BREAK (optional)

Day 2

7:30 am

Morning Announcements

8:00-9:50 am
Case Presentations: Focus Treatment Planning and Coronectomy Extraction Technique

9:50-10:15 am
BREAK with snacks

Laboratory 3:: Coronectomy and Tooth Sectioning to Aid in Extraction


Lab Continued

BREAK (optional)

Contact: jennie.rawlinson@gmail.com
Website: https://www.csuvetce.com/catalog/dentistry/extraction-techniques-for-equine-teeth-oct-28-29-2021/