Difficulty to Open or Close the Mouth

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Instructors: Alexander M. Reiter, Dipl. Tzt., Dr. med. vet., Dipl. AVDC, EVDC, FF-AVDC-OMFS

Sponsoring Organization: VDOS Consulting (www.vdos.org)
Program Location: Online
Dates: 10/29/2020
Format: Webinar
Wet-Lab: No
Cost: $29.99

AVDC Sponsored: No
"AVDC Sponsored" indicates that the program content and presenters have been selected by the AVDC Education and Programs Committee.

AVDC Approved: No
"AVDC Approved" indicates that the program has been approved by AVDC for specialist training hours for AVDC-registered residents.

Discipline(s): Oral Surgery, Radiology, Other
Thursday Oct 29, 1:00 PM – 2:50 PM EDT (Philadelphia) Your patient cannot open or close its mouth? What is it, TMJ disease or masticatory muscle myositis? Always wanted to know how to use a pencil to correct TMJ luxation in a cat? We show you how it’s done! This webinar will discuss the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders and numerous other differential diagnoses for dogs and cats that present with unwillingness or inability to either open or close the mouth. The focus will be on the management of TMJ luxation, open-mouth jaw locking, TMJ ankylosis, and masticatory muscle myositis. The didactic lecture will last 1.5 hours, but the webinar is designed so that there is extra time for interactive participation and answering your questions.

Contact: reiter@vdos.org
Website: https://www.vdos.org/event-details/difficulty-to-open-or-close-the-mouth-3