Palate Surgery and Palatal Prosthetics

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Instructors: Alexander M. Reiter, Dipl. Tzt., Dr. med. vet., Dipl. AVDC, EVDC, FF-AVDC-OMFS

Sponsoring Organization: VDOS Consulting (
Program Location: Online
Dates: 10/28/2020
Format: Webinar
Wet-Lab: No
Cost: $29.99

AVDC Sponsored: No
"AVDC Sponsored" indicates that the program content and presenters have been selected by the AVDC Education and Programs Committee.

AVDC Approved: No
"AVDC Approved" indicates that the program has been approved by AVDC for specialist training hours for AVDC-registered residents.

Discipline(s): Oral Surgery
Wednesday October 28, 1:00 PM – 2:50 PM EDT (Philadelphia) Do you want to help puppies born with cleft palates until they can undergo surgery for repair? Trouble closing an oronasal fistula after loss of a maxillary canine tooth? We show you how to do it the right way! This webinar will review palate defects that are congenital (present at birth) or acquired after birth. Congenital defects may be inherited or result from an insult during fetal development. Preoperative management requires nursing care by the owner until surgical repair at about 4 months of age. Defects acquired after birth typically result from severe periodontal disease or trauma and are either repaired surgically or managed by placement of a prosthetic obturator. The didactic lecture will last 1.5 hours, but the webinar is designed so that there is extra time for interactive participation and answering your questions.